Our Electrical Services

We are proud to be able to provide you with the best electrician Simi Valley can get 24 hour a day. Below are some of the most requested services.


Lighting Solutions Los Angeles

Primavera Electricians will advise you on the energy efficient lighting solutions available in the market. For the years that we have been in service, we provide our customers with the best lighting solutions ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. When installing the ceiling lighting solutions, you want to be sure it is done safely. This is because the electrical wires will run in the ceiling, and contain electrical current. Therefore, you ought to ensure you do not engage an electrician who does not take your safety seriously. At Primavera Electricians, we will ensure a professional job, delivering to your expectations. talk to Primavera Electricians today to schedule for the lighting installation service.


Wiring or Re-Wiring Services

There is a good chance that you need the electrical re-wiring service when carrying out a home renovation project. If so, contact Primavera Electricians for superior electrical wiring or re-wiring services. If contracted for the electrical wiring / re-wiring services, our experts will get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. We ensure arrival on site in good time and we also engage the electrical wiring champions within our team. Before the project begins, our experienced electrician shall engage the client to understand the requirements. This is followed by a custom solution designing just to make sure the customer is happy


Ceiling Fan Installation Los Angeles

Installing a ceiling fan requires technical expertise and experience. This is not only for the safety purpose, but also ensures that the ceiling fan functions optimally. Therefore, you need to hire an experienced electrician to provide you the best services. Talk to Primavera Electricians today to schedule for ceiling fan installation services. For safety reasons, you want to make sure that a qualified electrician takes charge of the installation of the ceiling fan.


Residential Electrical Repair Services in Los Angeles

For residential electrical troubleshooting, talk to Primavera Electricians. We have the most experienced personnel using the best tools for electrical diagnosis and repair services. When you come to us, you are assured 100% customer satisfaction. Call Primavera Electricians today to schedule for the residential electrical troubleshooting and repair services. we have experienced and talented electricians for the job.


Electrical Troubleshooting

At Primavera Electricians, we shall inspect and advise you accordingly, in case your electricity connection seems problematic. Our experienced electricians will carry out a thorough inspection, and leave no stone unturned. A detailed report will be provided, advising you on a suitable solution.

Emergency Electrician 24 Hour

Primavera Electricians have a dedicated team of emergency electricians 24 hour a day. So if you experience complete blackouts, partial electrical failures or other power outage issues in Simi Valley. Then just call us right away.

Our Testimonials

Primavera Electricians Simi Valley

Are you looking for the best electrician Simi Valley folks? Primavera Electricians provides years of experience in the electrical industry.

At Primavera Electricians, we provide our customers with the most experienced electricians serving Simi Valley region. For several decades, we have been lighting Simi Valley while also providing several other electrical installation related services.

We provide a mix of experience and talent when it comes to electrical troubleshooting and installation services. Therefore, when you come to us you can rest assured that we will be readily available to assist you.

We take pride in being the market leaders when it comes to electrical installation services. our experts will skillfully handle different requests just to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Primavera Electricians provides in-doors and exterior service delivery. We shall improve the look of your home while ensuring that we bring a new style and excellent skill when it comes to electrical installations.

Our electricians use the best equipment and adhere to the electrical installation code. Whatever the electrical contracting requirements, be assured that Primavera Electricians shall provide superior services.