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Thus, if you are putting up a new house, or renovating your house, hire an electrician for home electrical wiring / rewiring service. At Primavera Electrician Simi Valley, we provide professional electrical services, including wiring and rewiring. Serving residential and commercial customers, we are top-rated electricians with a proven track of performance. Therefore, you can call us when you need our professional services.

We guarantee you electrical wires that meet high standards

If you are experiencing frequent power faults, electrical wiring could be the main cause. The electrical wires need to be of the right capacity in order to make sure no frequent trips. A number of electrical fires are believed to start when you have faulty electrical wires. This is why before purchasing a property, you need qualified electrician to certify the electrical installation and every fixture has been done well.


Primavera Electrician Simi Valley will advise you on the right electrical wires for various home appliances. This is so that you do not experience frequent power cuts because of electrical wires burning out. Therefore, call Primavera Electrician Simi Valley today and we will examine the requirements, advising our customers on the choice of the right electrical wires.

Professional and experienced experts

To guarantee you satisfactory results when wiring/rewiring completely home, it is important you hire professional electricians. At Primavera Electrician Simi Valley, we are committed to ensuring high-quality electrical wiring/rewiring, and this is illustrated through hiring of professional staff. Contact Primavera Electrician Simi Valley today for an opportunity to enjoy the best electrical wires installation.

To schedule for same-day service delivery, talk to our customer support representative. We are committed to ensuring fast and efficient service delivery.

Full service electricians at an affordable rate

Primavera Electrician Simi Valley provides you affordable electricians for your electrical wiring and rewiring. Value for money is our greatest concern when serving the customer. Therefore, we put in the best efforts to guarantee the customers value for money. Besides, we are a full-service electrical solutions provider. Therefore, our qualified and experienced personnel will address other electrical issues.

To schedule service, contact us through the number (805)912-5638.